Our HOPE Program

At MICHE Europe, we have developed the HOPE Initiative as part of our effort to “give back” to our community. Our continually updated collection of HOPE shells are not only beautiful and stylish, but a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each HOPE shell goes to support the Brustkrebs Deutschland e.V. and cancer research.

“Breast cancer affects all of us either personally or through our relationships with our mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters and friends. Recently many prominent women like Anastacia, Sheryl Crow, Christina Applegate and Miriam Pielhau, have touched us with their strength and increased our commitment to this cause. Because really, either directly or indirectly it is our personal cause,” said Jennifer Sneddon, manager of MICHE Europe. “For our customers, the price of the Hope shells is just the same as the other shells, but purchasing a HOPE shell still supports the HOPE Initiative!”

So please, join us in whole-heartedly supporting our HOPE Initiative! We appreciate your help!

Brustkrebs Deutschland e.V. was founded in 2003 because of the personal experiences of some of the participants. For Renate Haidinger, President of Brustkrebs Deutschland e.V., her own diagnosis of breast cancer drove her to start the association as an independent forum for those seeking advice for themselves or loved ones. The purpose of the association is to motivate women of all ages to assume responsibility for their own bodies and their own health by providing them with education and information. We thank Brustkrebs Deutschland e.V. and Renate Haidinger for their trust.

Renate Haidinger

Renate Haidinger, CEO of "Brustkrebs Deutschland" e.V. association

Hope Cover